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International rapper lyrics – Aq

Y’all really think i’m going to say nothing,
Y’all really thought i was going to say nothing,
Laugh.. Go

[Verse 1]
So this is how we found ourselves
To make music you got to clown yourself
To sell records you got to act a fool,
Nah, i didn’t get all this education to act irrational
What i do is magical, pack heat like it’s afternoon
And i aint talking guns, you all my sons its pathological
I’m not crossing path with you, or testing your vocal aptitude
I’m spitting out these germs (gems) to the very last particle
Put me on song with kendrick, or a song with drake i bet you they would say i earned it,
On a song with y’all, nah, i’d just feel offended
You’d think the holy ghost ghost wrote my shit, or jesus penned it
Better call the forensics,
I’m about to drop 32’s so call the dentist
I see the game through these lenses, the houses the bentleys the benzes
Losing your friends shit, we all trying to make ends meet
It’s not even about fame or money or how much records you sold,
This is about rap, bar for bar, minus the hype, minus the mass appeal, keeping it real

[Verse 2]
All of y’all on one song, still that ish didn’t buzz, ridiculous
You gonna need a lot more to get rid of us
This is about technique and skill and not just frivolous
Rap style, screaming on tracks you’re just indigenous
Don’t wanna be call indigenous, then don’t be indigenous
Rap is in every gene in us, they feeling us like stimulus
Wait….. Do you even know what that means,
Nigerian music got your brain looking like a flat screen
You don’t get the art of rap, that’s why you disrespect it
But i’m killing that infection, you’re getting disinfected
This is rap from the essence, the confidence, the presence,
The knowledge, the power, the poetry the message
Still i can afford those jordans, can afford a decent meal
Riding in my woo woo, handling my business still
Still hitting that puss, messing with them bad bches
I use contraceptives i’m not raising kids with no bad bches
We all went from rags to riches, we all trying to stack the digits
We all know y’all started rap in english,
I’ve seen eedris, rugged man and even freestyle drop
What makes y’all think you’re gonna remain on top

I’m not even dissing anyone, this is what rap’s about
If you don’t believe something you speak about it, put it in your music
I don’t believe clever lyrics is not working, i don’t believe this kind of rap is not selling no more.

[Verse 3]
Badder, badder on tracks than sunday bada,
Badder flows hold more water than my piss poor bladder
Puff puff pass, we puff pass like puff adders
Before puff became diddy we were like puff daddy in the 90s
Stylish, we aint got the same mic reach
I’m on another frequency, you on the level of my light switch
I might switch and go international like ice prince
Trying to be a better version of mode, i’m not taking no advices
Who do you think history’s gonna celebrate
Mass appeal got you feeling like a heavy weight let’s get it straight
I’m a big fan of your campaign
…… but my brother alomo cannot be champagne
I got businesses you don’t know i own
Forget rap money, i’m trying to live life like alcapone
Forget what ever you think you got now, you aint even half way home
Just pray you’re remembered after your gone…… i’m home
I just believe everybody should do what they do
And live by their own principle
Give a billion dollars to a monkey, it’s still gonna be a monkey
That’s real………. Word