Runtown (Nigerian) Biography and Songs
Real Name: Douglas Jack Agua
Stage Name: Afro-pop
Date of Birth: 19th August 1989
Genre: Hip-hop / Afro-pop (Singer / Song Writer)
State of Origin: Enugu
Record Label: Eric Manny Records

Douglas Jack Agua best known as Runtown, came into limelight with his music ‘Gallardo’ in collaboration with Davido.

I could guess, you are wondering who he is and how he got to this stage, well it wasn’t a direct journey and he wasn’t part of choir even though he went to a seminary school nor from a musical background like most in his category.

This upcoming artiste within a short duration of time has continue to prove himself with his wonderful musical skills with help of the likes of J. Martins, Timaya and Phyno to mention a few.

Runtown Biography

While in secondary school, he got to like songs and miming that were done in school and he believed he could do it too so he started. Later on, he went for an audition where he met phyno. Both of them decided to work together on Chris brown instrumentals in phyno’s studio.
Later in 2009, Runtown (Nigerian) together with relocated to Lagos, where the action is really taking place. They lived and worked with J. Martins, before meeting Timaya through J. Martins. It was Timaya who groomed him while still in partnership with Phyno (Penthahauze) and moving around different studio to meet people.

In 2010 they released “Party like 1980”, which got quite a handsome reviews, with people starting to know Runtown. They later decided for a remix of “Party like 1980” which is supposed to feature Davido but when they met Davido, he heard Gallardo and fell in love with the song, the story changed and by 2014, we saw the release of Gallardo featuring Davido. Gallardo was a hit music and the song that brought Runtown (Nigerian) to limelight.

The journey has been rough but its getting sweeter with this tireless and talented musical artiste. He has been influenced by the likes of Timaya, J. Martins, Sean Kingston, Drake, Bob Marley and Kanye Songs. As a writer, he has worked for Tommy Rotem of Beluga heights, USA (Iyaz, Sean Kingston etc).