Nigerian Artistes Who Are Top 7 Kings Of Vulgar And Profane Lyrics

The utilization of indecent and obscene words in Nigerian music, has alarmingly invresed since the revealing of exactly couple of remarkable artistes today.

80 percent of most artistes in Nigeria, can barely do a tune without utilizing foul or degrade words, infact, some of them have gotten to be champions in this new “Sort” of music, even stylishily giving the batton over to their protege. This made them think, imagine a scenario where an artiste was appraised in light of the foulness and vulgarism of their music, what number of artistes in Nigeria today will win the dirtiest/most exceedingly terrible music artiste.

We will be talking about main five Nigerian artists known for their indecent and profane verses and who amongst them ought to win the title of the dirtiest/most exceedingly bad vocalist yet?


  1. Olamide

Olamide: If we will all be genuine to ourselves, including the YBNL fans, Olamide, as Lil Wayne, is known for his enthusiastic utilization of foul and disrespect expressive words. From the minute the YBNL ruler dispatched into spotlight, his utilization of indecent words have progressively gotten to be foul and filthier. Come in ‘Imbecilic Love’ from his plain portrayal of a young lady’s behind and chest, he imaginatively depicts how he expects to lay down with the said young lady who concurring him is one of numerous different females he plans to bed as he said ‘Se o lon gbe eni wa ni” (Meaning were you aiming to stay long here).

This gifted artiste, appears to determine such a great amount of bliss in his foulness utilizing similitude and likeness’ to depict a young lady’s private how he means to have his offer of whatever she may have on her body and so forth. In the event that this was the main melody of this YBNL supervisor, loaded with awful revolting words, it would essentially mean one can pass on joyfully yet no, Olamide, aim on demonstrating the world the amount of hits he can make by utilizing foul and obscene verses as a part of for all intents and purposes every one of his tunes. (Durosoke, Don’t Stop, Bobo, First of all, amongst other.) No words any longer Baddo Sneh!!


2.       Lil Kesh: Like his boss, this multi talented artistes, wadded into our subconsciousness and even consciousness           with his own clearly yet childish version of profanity and vulgarism. First came Shoki. Am certain even the                 dandiest of minds can easily with little or no explanation get the meaning of shoki. The title alone says it all. ‘Oya         shoki the shoki, ba mi wa omoge to ba yodi….I meannnnnnnnnn.

Lil Kesh, did not stop there, instead employed the vocals and lyrics of HKN boss himself, Davido, to do a remixed         version of the already vulgar song and again nailed it becoming his white horse into the Nigerian music scene. I           listened to Shoki remix and could only imagine Bart of The Simpson’s, highly mischievous, rebellious and                     potentially dangerous….again when a kid has all these traits, there is only one reason, he wants attention.

Then came ‘Gbese, Efejoku, Skibi dat with Viktoh (Another YBNL act), even his new album Y.A.G.I is not left out        from profane and vulgar lyrics.


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