Nigerian Artistes Who Are Top 7 Kings Of Vulgar And Profane Lyrics



3.  Iyanya: Known for his love of striping (Which should tip anyone of obviously) this heavily built music star came           out with Kukere…need I say ,more now pepoooo. ‘All my ladies, kukere…. coupled with your suggestive dance               steps…we get it bruv.

Iyanya, starts off with being blessed by God and now its time to enjoy all the money made on women who are               ready for the kukere. He has the money to throw out there, so definitely the party will be hot. With visuals of                 ladies whinning and rubbing his chest in the soft porn music video…what more can one say.

‘Your waist’ surfaced and boom it became official, Iyanya, has joined the list of artistes known for their sexual               explicit materials. Not stopping there, he dropped ‘Oreo’ and……ask me for more words on him sometime next             five years please.

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