Nigerian Artistes Who Are Top 7 Kings Of Vulgar And Profane Lyrics

Cynthia Morgan

4. Cynthia Morgan: I recall the first occasion when I saw Cynthia Morgan in a music video, she was included on Jaybo’s tune and she looked so adorable and guiltless… .quick forward to a few years after the fact, We have melodies like ‘German Juice, celebrating or offending ladies with enormous behinds requesting that they approach to an undeniable gathering tossed by perhaps a major high-roller, (I need to accept is a man). ‘The young lady with the German squeeze… .the young lady with the greatest behind… .’

I have an inclination when she in the end leaves from music, she may very well make the ideal pimp (Just saying). ‘come and do’ the title alone says it words!!



5.     D’banj: Can this list be complete without the ‘Kokomaster’ himself….I kid myself not. That word koko is enough             explaining pepo!!!!

‘I take her to Lagos, I show her the koko, she show me the robo, we started the loving” really if we continue on               D’banj. Bangalee, will definitely take up more than five paragraph to get half way into the use of profane and                 vulgar lyrics and moves in 90 percent of his songs.

Listen to Feeling the Nigga, Oliver Twist, amongst others.


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