Nigerian Artistes Who Are Top 7 Kings Of Vulgar And Profane Lyrics


6.    Seyi Shay: ‘I will ride for you, moderate cry for you, I will touch my tippie toe, I will ricochet it for you? Require more clarification pepo!! It makes me extremely upset that Seyi Shay makes this rundown however ‘Touch me now… you recollect the reign..I wanna feel it at this moment now” So great like everybody shown to include..’Lord of benevolence.’ Mama might you be able to be more unequivocal… Which love dey enter na miss Shay????

‘She say she wan murda, she say she wan do that thing… .then comes the epic topsy turvy twerking… goodness wow!!!!!!! Patoranking, made sex so striking in this tune with his verses I really wanted to shout… Bruv what you doing… ‘keep her coming? Do you truly need to do the dampness chat on here? Seyi Shay… filthy grimy messy young lady, miss thing!



7.  Wizkid: Can Wizkid permit us one tune without even a striking photo of a hurling lady’s behind, chest and here and there her vee jay? Should he ever consider this, then perhaps we would all be able to rest without even a bad dream of scooby doo fleeing from casper the agreeable apparition.

In my bed begins with the standard young lady meets kid, young lady develops on kid and kid can’t resist the urge to have her in his life and blast, he changed to continually needing to eat up her body in his bed, so on a so forward.

Bombay… Wizkid again runs with the disrespectful and foul verses… your bombay make me troway… .y’all know the rest. Listen to In affection highlighting individual base and foul rundown mate, Seyi Shay… ..folks might you be able to be more striking? ‘am attempting to drink all of you up (Seyi shay) Am feeling your low waist… ‘nuf said.

Having recorded these artistes, who amongst them wins the dirtiest Lyrical god, let us know in the remark box… gracious and do tell us some others we may have missed.

Composed by: Tope Delano


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