Top 10 Highest Paid Nigerian Musicians In 2016


Well, you may not be expecting this but after our research and contacts the singer was the one who earned the most as an artiste this year. Peter who goes by the stage name: MrP made a lot of money from brand endorsements which was his major source of earning within the last 12 months. Leaving his brother behind peter has gotten endorsement deals from huge brands locally and globally within the last 2 years. Peter also gets a 50-50 share of whatever PSQAURE as a band earns from endorsements,digital sales and shows.

Peter’s active brand endorsement includes; Nutricima, Kia, MerryBet, football academy and Adidas.

Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 200 – 300 million naira.


NOTE: This is not a ranking of the richest musicians in Nigeria but the ranking of the musicians that made the most money in year 2016.

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