Internet users now 3.2bn – World Bank

The World Bank has said that the number of internet users globally had more than tripled within this decade, from 1billion in 2015 to about 3.2billion by the end of 2015.

In its report for 2016, made available during the presentation of the World Development Report (WDR 2016) on Digital Dividends, the World Bank revealed that more households in Nigeria and other developing nations owned a mobile phone rather than have access to electricity or clean water.
It stated that an estimated 70 per cent of the bottom fifth of the population in developing nations could boast of owning a cell phone.
“The number of internet users has more than tripled in a decade-from 1billion in 2005 to an estimated 3.2billion at the end of 2015, stating that businesses, people, and governments are more connected than ever before.”
Furthermore, it said that digital revolution had brought immediate private benefits-easier communication and information, greater convenience, free digital products and new forms of leisure, adding it has also created a profound sense of social connectedness and global community.

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