EPL: Why I didn’t intrude in Luis Suarez’s troubles at Liverpool – Steven Gerrard

Liverpool legend, , has revealed why he left to sort out his problems and did not intervene when the Uruguayan had issues at the club.

Suarez's time in Liverpool was not without many controversies with the striker involved in multiple biting incidents.

He eventually ended his time at Anfield acrimoniously after he was forced through a move to Barcelona against the wishes of then Reds manager, Brendan Rodgers.

Suarez went on to win countless trophies at Barcelona before moving to Atletico Madrid in 2020.

Speaking with Gary Neville on Overlap, Gerrard recalled the difficult moments with Suarez.

“There were a few incidents that were tough. I tried to be a friend to him and advise him, I was a bit older than him obviously, a bit more experienced.

“When he had the situation with Brendan Rodgers, I tried to be a bit of a go-between but there are certain situations where you'd have to back away and let him and his people deal with it themselves, not that I didn't want to help him but sometimes the situation is bigger than it was.”

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